Congrats Emi! Your app for Rebekah Wright has been accepted. Please make the account within 24 hours. Welcome to Ravenswood!

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If a mistake was made then we sincerely apologize and ask that you please contact the main. Same goes if you wish to return. We’re sad to see you all go but we’re working on cleaning house and putting The Harvest back on top. Please note: some roles will not be immediately reopened due to changes that need to be made to their bios. If you have any questions then please send them to the main.

How plot driven is this game? What is your Paragraph to gif chat ratio?

At the moment we don’t have a paragraph to gif ratio as we don’t require our members to do a para monthly or weekly so one pops up only when our members have the time to make one or decide to make one. Generally our interactions are gif chats, or mini paragraphs as most of us feel that’s the best way to get the point across while also being able to move the plot along in a timely fashion. Now, for how plot driven we are most interactions revolve around the fact that people are generally just trying to do what they can during a zombie apocalypse. It’s not always about the Harvest and what’s it about cause generally conversations about it only pop up when it time to pick Harvest candidates and ETC. Again, most conversation just go on about day to day activities, and doing ones job, and just surviving within the compound. We encourage our members to really think about the world around their character and to keep interactions close to the plot.

The following Characters have been inactive for FOUR or more days or have not returned from hiatus.

  • Rowan Maxwell
  • Rosalie Johnson
  • Vera Decker
  • Wally Teagues
  • Jared Campbell Jr
  • Helena Thatcher
  • Millie Alington
  • Josh O’Connor
  • Jeremy Mattiu
  • Lucinda Wavell
  • Jackson Albridge
  • Holly Moore
  • Remi Devereaux 
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Anthea McLeod

These Characters have 24 hours to become active or to contact an admin with the reason behind their inactivity.

Are side blogs acceptable?

No they are not. We’re sorry for that.


Activity check coming this weekend! If you still want in on being apart of this RP then either contact us or get active. This applies to everyone that hasn’t already contacted us within the last few days.

Activity check will be done this Saturday.