➢ Ethan Elijah Cameron
DOB: 22 November 1986
ID #: 155673
Harvests completed: 2
Current Position: Supply Room and Arsenal Patrol, Livestock & Farmland Patrol

Armed: Yes

  • Glock 22
  • M4A1 Carbine “Flat-Top”

➢ Training

Proficient in:

  • Firearms [INTERMEDIATE] Hand to Hand [INTERMEDIATE]
  • Knives [BASIC] Explosives [NONE]

➢ Before the Epidemic

  • Born and raised in the good ole’ sunshine state Miami, Florida. Ethan was born the second child to two eccentric parents.
  • Showered with love from the moment he was born, Ethan unlike his older brother Lucas was grateful and appreciative toward the love his parents showed him. He cared for them and it showed in every move he made.
  • When Connor was born Ethan was the one to do all the brotherly things that were expected from an older brother. He taught how to ride a bike, taught him how to fight, and when push come to shove he was always there to have his brothers back be it emotionally or physically. He became the brother to Connor that Lucas never wanted to be to him.
  • Graduating High School with moderately better grades than his brother, Lucas wanting to keep close to his brother attended university closest to home.
  • Everything was fine and going great in his life when his parents trying to regain the spark in their marriage got into a terrible car accident on one of the many date nights. The two died on impact and Ethan unable to grab a hold of Lucas gained control of his parents assists and of Connor.
  • Dropping out of school, Ethan living out of his dead parents house and taking care of his little brother just couldn’t continue going to school though he desperately wanted to. He enrolled in the police academy and soon enough he had a nice steady job that was bringing him in cash to pay for the many things he now had to care for.
  • When the virus hit, Ethan had been in the station doing his paper work when some man ranting and raving about some asshole biting him was brought in. The cops intended to hold him overnight and as Ethan planned to pull an all nighter to get his work done, he was assigned to watching him. 
  • Paying no mind to the man as he was relatively quiet all night, come morning when Ethan went in to check the cells he was surprised to see the man banging at his bars, growling and making a scene. Pulling out his gun he moved to remove the man from his cell after failing to have him calm down on his own but the minute the cell door was open the walker was on him. First shooting him in the chest and then in the head, Ethan heart beating out of his chest was quick to leave the station.
  • Rushing home, Ethan just caught Connor as he was getting ready to head off to school that day. Turning on the news and seeing the reports, Ethan knowing it wouldn’t be safe in the overpopulated city told her brother to pack what he could and by morning they were on the road.
  • For the next few months Ethan traveled with his brother going from city to city and town to town. They never stayed at a place for long as they feared being bitten or robbed. When the broadcast for Ravenswood hit them one day, the two brother deciding to give it a change headed to the supposed secure small town. Once there, they planned to do a little sneaking around and investigating when they were caught.
  • Captured by the patrol team, Ethan was surprised to find his older brother already there but when the other male refused to acknowledge his existence he made the plan to do the same. It wasn’t until his second month there that he was picked from the Harvest. Not knowing his brother had slacked on the other participants training, he was surprised when he came out on top with two men bigger, and stronger than himself.


  • While Lucas is the cold brother, Ethan would be more of the level headed one. The death of his parents meant he had to grow up quickly. He’s responsible for his younger brother and he takes that responsibility seriously. He’s there for Connors every wish and need, and he’s always willing and ready to put that boy’s needs before his own. When it comes to Lucas he can’t help but still call the man family but he’s given up on attempting to get anything out of him. The few conversations he’s attempted to have with the man has always ended the same way and at this point even he can see that the older man is annoyed by him and Connors presence. Ethan is serious, cautious, and over protective of his little brother. He’s the type that will fuss over so much as a scraped knee. Connor is his world and he’ll be damned if he isn’t there for that kid.


  • Lucas & Conner - brothers.

Status: Taken by Steph
FC: Jake Abel

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